Bolanle Austen-Peters (BAP) Productions celebrates Wole Soyinka with a medley of his thought provoking plays. A contemporary ensemble of two of the internationally renowned writer’s satirical plays.

In Childe Internationale, A Disgruntled politician, His been-to wife and an intolerable daughter, all slug it out in a totally hilarious comedy. It all begins when the daughter returns home for the holidays from school to meet her father who will have none of her “modern ways”.

Alapata Apata, which the Nobel Laureate himself calls ‘a play for Yorubafonia: Class of Xenophiles) is a dense play with multiple layers that equally yields multiple meanings. Daanielebo was a former protégé of the General, twin evil geniuses who are now at each other’s throat as they seek to outsmart each other and corner the commonwealth (in this case, the minerals in Alaba’s rock) for their personal use. These are two men with whom Alaba has the misfortune to stand up against in their lustful quest to seize control of the rock on which is suspected to have huge deposits of precious metals. From Alaba’s rock, the subject of many inquiries from those who want to make it big in dubious ways, to a mild rebuke for those who would not make efforts to pronounce unfamiliar names or words properly. An outstanding and thought provoking political satire that employs the everyday occurrences of Nigeria’s political absurdity to send compelling messages.

A Bolanle Austen-Peters 2015 Production.

Glo Evening with Wole Soyinka