Are you feeling boxed-in frustrated with the status quo? So much is being said but nothing is really happening, you say. You are not by yourself.

Brace yourself and enter into the world of “four”. Sit enthralled as the four ambitious young performers take you with them on a journey in search of destiny. Get drawn into their world as they shake off the fetters of self-satisfaction holding them bound in their small village, and head off to the “land of dreams” Lagos, a city possessing the promise of limitless opportunities yet filled with broken dreams.

Enjoy the fusion of Nigeria music spanning across the continent and the world. Enjoy apala, highlife, afro-beat, juju, afro-pop, the inspirational and other contemporary Nigerian music genres. But it is more than music.

It is dance. It is theatre, the Broadway-style. It is SARO THE MUSICAL 2, which made its debut in 2013 on Lagos stage, an inspiring tale on the journey to success in a city.

Like its title, it is music cum dance play that tells the story of Laitan, Azeez, Efe, and Obaro, who in search of greener pastures, migrate to Lagos with little else but an abundance of hopes and dreams. Freedom is what they seek and Lagos has the potential to offer these emerging artists an escape from poverty.

On getting to the city, they are debriefed by their encounters, experiences and the mentoring arms of the Godfather on the streets of Lagos. A devastating experience lands them in the lap of destiny, success ignites them and love fuels them. But will the quartet be able to fulfill their dreams?

Watch as they bring before your eyes their trials, misfortunes, love, and destinies and the city’s history, delicately woven together into a 14-act showpiece that prides itself of the three art forms.

If you missed the show last Yuletide, then, find out how their journey end at an equally the Easter edition which opens from Wednesday, till 6th April for its producers are bringing it back to the stage.

See Lagos personified by its spectacle, colours and unforgettable characters, frenetic pace of living and endless drama as its 100-man cast deliver 13 outstanding performances in six days at the prestigious Shell Hall, Muson Centre in Lagos.

Directed by Kenneth Uphopho, Gbenga Yussuf and Ayo Ajayi, the producer, Bolanle Austen-Peters, say: “this Easter’s show will be delivering an even bigger showcase of dazzling performances in lovely and colorful costumes, enigmatic and well-choreographed dance steps, and an exquisite fusion of music”.

The play, which is a Bolanle Austen-Peters and Nok Art & Media Production, 2 would feature Nigerian artiste and performers such as Bimbo Manuel, Dolapo Oni, Gideon Okeke, Ade Laoye, Patrick Diabua, William Benson, Lami Phillips, Paul Alumona, Paolo Sisiano and many others.

Through Saro 2, Austen-Peters says, her group is discovering talents and hopes to grow a crop of talented people in the industry, such as the lead actor, Diabuah, who is playing “Laitan”, and A’rese Emokpae, who is acting “Rume”.

“We are seeking to break barriers with Saro and are bringing together people from every facet of life under one roof. We are partnering with British Council, who is supporting us with a foreign director. Saro 2 Easter edition is sponsored by MTN, supported by Terra Kulture, Access Bank and Africa Magic amongst others.”

For Diabuah, the play is not just the story of four boys but “an African story because everybody wants to become something in life”.