A new stage drama in musical performance called ‘Wakaa the Musical’ which will be premiering this yuletide season have been described as one with magic wand, showcasing Intrigues, betrayals and games people play in life. Coming under the auspice of the award winning producer, Bolanle Austen-Peters’ Production (BAP), the new world class dance drama sensation in ‘Broadway style’ will hit stage at Shell Hall, MUSON Centre in late December to early week of January, 2016.

The thriller according to the Director Bolanle Austen-Peters will be a sequel to the widely acclaimed success – ‘Saro the Musical 1 & 2’ by the same production team BAP.

Austen-Peters said: “With tremendous interest in quality Nigerian Musical productions from foreign media houses, we believe that the Nigerian Theatre industry can be a major tourist attraction, job and wealth creation driver and tool for socio-economic development.”

The play written by Tunde Babalola and edited by experts in University of Southern Illinois Art Department, USA, is a strong satire of Nigeria’s politics and intrigues behind the scene. It is directed by Bolanle Austen-Peters, with sound tracks by Ayo Ajayi and BRYMO,

The play is weaved around six young Nigerian graduates with varied background, who having basked in euphoria of high dreams after graduation, had a twist of fate when realities and follies of life choices they made hit them. It is laced with trials, success and experiences which eventually reunited them in a different phase of life. It reveals the struggle and challenges young people face in present day Nigeria and abroad.