Collision Course

Collision Course is a heart thumping story told in 24 hours that dives deep into the lives of a law enforcement agent, a young man and some rogue elements(Tarz). It explores the seedy underbelly of rogue law enforcement officers and the atrocious results as they collide head on with a frustrated young man and a conflicted member of the police force. Collision is a race against time in a haze of palpable tension; it is a powder keg tethering on the brink of imminent combustion.

Collision Course was nominated in 6 different categories for the AMVCA;
Best Overall Movie
Best Soundtrack
Best Director
Best Movie West Africa (Won)
Best Cinematography
Best Picture Editor

Collision Course offically won the award of “Best Movie West Africa”

Collision Course has also been officially selected as the opening film for the Athen’s Nollywood Travel Film Festival this year.

Coming Soon!