Motherland The Musical

The Onwuka’s path to an event on independence day is interrupted by a political march filled with dancers representing Nigeria’s different tribes that completely blocks the road. The young people leading the march refuse to make way for the couple. When arguments begin to arise between the marchers about tribal stereotypes, the couple interrupt insisting that it is possible for the different tribes that make up Nigeria to get along pointing out that they themselves are from different tribes, Mrs. Onwuka being Fulani and Mr Onwuka, Igbo. Fascinated by this, the young people insist on hearing how the couple came to be.

The Onwukas proceed to take the youngsters through a journey of romance using Nigerian music. They begin with their first meeting in 1957 at an IK Dairo concert up to their engagement at a club where Bobby Johnson was performing.

The couple, however, face pushback from their parents who each refuse to marry their children to someone from a different tribe. Realizing that their love will never be accepted, the couple are ready to end their engagement but the notion that their love is indicative of the hope they have for their country renews their passion. They get married on Nigeria’s independence day.

The couple chronicles the history of Nigeria through their eyes from the first coup, to the civil war to the atmosphere of FESTAC 77 through song and dance.

The youths at the march realize they have a lot to learn from the experiences of the couple and decide to make way to let them attend their event but the couple has already missed it. Realizing the event was a conference Dr. Mrs Onwuka was supposed to speak at, the youth set up a podium for her to speak to them. Dr. Onwuka gives a rousing speech galvanizing the young people leading to a final dance of unity.