Motherland The Musical

December Show Highlights & Reviews (2022)

“Set in the heart of Lagos, MotherLand tells the story of a group of young friends who navigate the challenges of adulthood and the struggles of living in a fast-paced city. The production features a talented cast of actors, dancers, and musicians, all of whom bring the vibrant, colorful world of Lagos to life on stage.”

“Attended the Motherland Musical at Terra Kulture. It was very entertaining!

There are different spaces within the building. The compound encompasses an art gallery, arts and crafts store, naija bookshop, restaurant and theatre.

I love the aesthetic of the place! Very artsy and Nigerian.

The food was good and affordable as well. I have to applaud them for the generous portion of ketchup they served with the fried chips.

Tip: The stairway within the restaurant is perfect for pictures/videos. I will be definitely go there some other time.”

…..Isioma Elumah